Alternative Methods for MongoDB Database Backups




  • --host: MongoDBサーバーのホスト名。既定値はlocalhostです。
  • --port: MongoDBサーバーのポート番号。既定値は27017です。
  • --database: ダンプするデータベースの名前。
  • --out: ダンプファイルを保存するパス。


mongodump --database mydatabase --out mydatabase.dump





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mongodump --database mydatabase --out mydatabase.dump

This code uses the mongodump command with the following options:

  • --database: Specifies the name of the database you want to dump, which is "mydatabase" in this case. Replace "mydatabase" with the actual name of your database.
  • --out: Specifies the filename and path where you want to save the dump. Here, the dump is saved as "mydbdump.dump". Choose a descriptive filename and location for your dump file.

  1. Filesystem Snapshots:

    • This method leverages your operating system's snapshot capabilities to capture the state of the underlying MongoDB data files at a specific point in time. It's a quick way to create a backup, but requires additional configuration depending on your OS.
  2. MongoDB Cloud Manager or Ops Manager (For Managed Deployments):

    • If you're using MongoDB Atlas or have a self-hosted deployment managed by MongoDB Cloud Manager or Ops Manager, these tools offer built-in backup functionalities. They often provide automated backups, scheduling options, and integration with cloud storage services for a more robust backup strategy.

Choosing the Right Method:

The best method depends on your specific needs. Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Use mongodump for manual, on-demand backups or simple deployments.
  • Consider filesystem snapshots if speed is crucial, but be aware of potential configuration needs.
  • Leverage MongoDB Cloud Manager or Ops Manager for automated, managed backups with cloud storage integration (if applicable).

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