Unlocking the Secrets of Strings: How to Grab the First Character in SQL

sql server
Let's break down the code step-by-step:


1. This code defines a new type alias in the form TYPE1 = (TYPE2, ..., TYPEN), where:
    - TYPE1: Name of the new type alias.
    - TYPE2: First type in the alias.
    - ...: List of additional types included in the alias.
    - TYPEN: Last type in the alias.

2. This new type alias TYPE1 is then used to define a list of data: DATA = [DATA1, ..., DATAn], where:
    - DATA: Name of the list.
    - DATA1: First data item in the list.
    - ...: List of additional data items.
    - DAN: Last data item in the list.

3. The type alias TYPE1 is also used to define another list: LIST2 = [DATA1, ..., DATAn], similar to the previous one.

4. The code ends with ENDBLOCK, which marks the end of the type alias block.

**In summary, this code defines two type aliases (TYPE1 and LIST2), each containing a list of data items. The type aliases and their data are likely used in different parts of the program for different purposes.**

Please let me know if you have any other questions.