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  1. Case-Insensitive Queries in PostgreSQL: Lowercase Conversion vs. citext
    PostgreSQL is a powerful open-source relational database management system (RDBMS) used for storing and managing data. It adheres to the SQL (Structured Query Language) standard
  2. How to Perform Case-Insensitive Searches in MySQL and Other SQL Dialects
    I'd be glad to explain how to perform case-insensitive searches in a column using the LIKE wildcard operator in MySQL and other SQL dialects:
  3. Beyond the Basics: Alternative Approaches to LIKE and IN Combinations in SQL Server
    Understanding LIKE and IN Operators:LIKE: This operator is used for pattern matching in string columns. It allows you to search for specific characters
  4. Full Text Search vs. LIKE in SQL: Choosing the Right Tool for the Job
    Full Text Search (FTS):What it does: FTS is a powerful tool that analyzes and indexes individual words in a text column